Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Love My Hearse!!

I have a hearse, I call her Banshee. You can see her and her stats on the Edmonton Bone-Wagon Association website:

Having a hearse is wonderful; you can put Ikea furniture in it, have a tailgate party, put tons of Halloween props in it, and get every kind of look imaginable from people as you drive by.
She drives like a dream and I love to dress up in Victorian Goth or some other style when I drive her.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Incarnations Display At Stanley Milner Art Gallery

I was fortunate enough to be chosen in 2012 to display my art at the Stanley Milner Art Gallery in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. It is situated inside the main library branch.
I was allowed so many pieces and they had to fit in acrylic cubes. My theme was Whimsy, Wonder and Women. 
The majority of the pieces were gothic and dark themed so they chose to put me in the October month slot. Which really was perfect!! They were there for the whole month and had some very good reviews. I was also asked to do a workshop in Mixed Media Collage but October is my busiest month of the year and I had to decline the offer. Now I need to find a new gallery to display my work because I am running out of storage space at home!
Here are the pics from the gallery:

To see more of my work go to:

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Store Windows

Paris and Venice have some incredible store windows. Their displays are amazing. I had to take pictures of some very compelling ones, although none of the store owners there like you to take pictures of the windows. Too bad, right?

This photo and the one above are from Attilio Codognato's store. I can only pray that one day I can afford to buy 1 tiny little piece of his jewelry. I think his creations are incredible.

Photos from Paris

I was in Paris in June 2011 with my sister Corey. I loved the architecture and most of the food. Pére La Chaise Cemetery was my all time high for cemeteries and I love to do cemetery photography. Here are some cemetery pics, some of which are also on my new website: