Friday, September 14, 2007

A Year Goes By...

I did not realize that over a year and a half went by and I forgot about this blog. In that time, I've -

  • lost my job,

  • had my Mother survive a heart bypass and stroke,

  • had my dog Max pass away,

  • lost one of my best friends, Craig Gamble, to a heart attack,

  • got addicted to Ebay,

  • started writing articles for magazines,

  • created over 30 pieces of art,

  • become not only a seasoned paranormal investigator but also a rescue medium.

My Mother is settled in an assisted living facility which she really likes so that helps with the day to day stress of living. I am trying to find a gallery or a format to sell my artwork which is mixed media. I might put some pictures of a couple up on the blog site.

We have done quite a few ghost hunting investigations in the last 5-6 years, but now it seems people need us to get rid of the ghosts that dwell in their abode. I have developed a technique to send these spirits on to the light and it seems to have worked in the last 5 cases. It is quite the learning experience for me. It has also increased my spirituality.

Until then, darkness falls.