Friday, December 26, 2008

The Elegant Goth: Birthday Present and Nightmare Creation

The Elegant Goth: Birthday Present and Nightmare Creation

Christmas Cheer is Here and Here!

My collection of beautiful antique Christmas ball decorations.

I know it is the day after Christmas, but I have been so busy and not been on the computer for quite awhile. For Christmas I decorated 2 wooden birdhouse to look like frosty Christmas houses. If you look up Cody Foster houses you will see they are very vintage looking and that is what I was going for.

There is a store in Edmonton that is now selling my artwork. Yay!!!! I have some Christmas pieces hanging there and in January/February I will be having hopefully my Paris Series pieces, tambourines, and some other themed works. The store is called The Wish List and is on the trendy Whyte Avenue shopping area.

This isn't a very good photo, but this is a Christmas piece I did 3 years ago and I love it so much I am keeping it. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's in beautiful soft antique colors like pale green, ivory, mauve, and soft pink. The image is from a postcard. I have torn pieces of music from an antique piano play booklet.

This is my Christmas village that I have been purchasing pieces for it over the years. There are a couple of Dept. 56 houses and another incredibly detailed one from Germany. I know these things I have shown you aren't very "Goth" looking, but I do love Christmas and these are the things I like to decorate with.
Have a wonderful rest of 2008 and to hoping that 2009
will be a happy and prosperous year for everyone.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday Present and Nightmare Creation


details from Baphomet

Victorian Nightmare

I created an art piece for a friend's birthday. He wanted to have a piece of art on Baphomet. I thought that was a great theme and had fun doing it. The other piece is about a Victorian woman's nightmare. The Victorian Nightmare is 16" x 20" and the Baphomet piece is slightly larger in height, but I didn't record the exact dimensions, unfortunately. (don't ask why)
Both pictures had hand coloured paper illustrations decoupaged, acrylic paints, tissue papers; Baphomet had pages from an old Hindi dictionary, and different coloured sparkles. I found metaphysical symbols and occult images.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween in Edmonton

Beautiful weather this year for Halloween. We had approximately 40-50 kids which is pretty good for our neighbourhood.
After giving out candy we went over to friends and then did a dedication in the graveyard after midnight to honor all of our loved ones who have passed on.

This is my table top village. I have tons more but
didn't have the room to put it all out.

I will be putting up more Halloween themed artwork and also working on a birthday present for a friend which is coing to be a large piece. There is also some miscellaneous themed art I have been working on and I will put them up also.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I know I am very late with the Halloween art. At least it got here for Halloween. I have been too busy with working and ghost hunting/spirit rescue.

The Countess


Little Witches

Hallows Party


They Come Out At Night


Think A Head

Going Batty

Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Altered Tambourines

Gypsy Fortune Dancer

Lady Luck

I love creating these tambourines because you can add hundreds of embellishments to them. The top tambourine is actually metal, the red one is plastic. It's hard finding a metal tambourine that is cheap and can be turned into altered art rather than be used for music. There's lots of plastic ones out there, though.
Any yarn, beads, ribbon, fortune cookie strips, glitter, coins, game pieces, work fantastic with this. I have another one I made that I need to take a pic of. It has an Egyptian theme to it. I found some other plastic tambourines to work with, but they are a little smaller than these ones. They are really easy to glam up and I have some old antique jewelry I bought at an antique fair for a good price that will work with these critters.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mother and Child

This piece is called "Mother and Child". I liked the old time print of the mom and baby and decided to build around it. It's just a light and fun picture. I found all the rest of the elements in the pic really quick because the colors and the images and the buttons just meshed together. The cancelled stamps were perfect.
I just went to the 2 big antique markets in Edmonton the other day and scored some great antique photos and postcards. I'll probably end up doing some funky pieces with some of them and dark goth pieces with others.
That reminds me... I have to start making my Halloween-themed pictures now in time for Halloween. Then there's also Day of the Dead stuff too. I'd better get busy.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man

I'm still tweaking things on my website. I have to get into this FTP stuff so my pictures will enlarge when you click on them. It's a learning curve. If you go onto my website, you will see this tambourine called "Romany Magic" under the "One-Of-A-Kinds" section. I have 3 tambourines on there, this one included. I haven't taken a picture of my Egyptian one yet. One tambourine is metal but all the others are plastic and I purchased them in a kid's section of a store where toys are. It's fun to alter them with ribbons, yarn, buttons, coins, pictures of women, playing cards, jewelry, and the list goes on...

I found a wooden box that held champagne from France in the back alley. This will be fun to alter. I also have a wooden cutlery case that is dark wood and has red velvet inside. I'll have to do something Gothic to that.

I would really love to try and make from scratch, a 3-D replica of the tombs or mausoleums I saw in New Orleans. Here is a sample of what they look like:
When I was there in 2003 I think, Anne Rice had a store and in the store were these tiny replica tombs. These ones were expertly crafted ceramic ones and they cost a lot of money at the time. I can't make mine out of ceramic, it will probably wood. The decay mould and rust stuff will be fun to create.
Hopefully I will have some created by the fall. They'll be cool for Halloween.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Website Is Up!!!!!

I am so excited. I finally have my Incarnations web site up and running. It doesn't have any e-commerce on it right now, but that will be coming. I only have a smidgen of my art work up on it, but it would be overdoing it putting everything up.
Here is the link:

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Down and Dirty Goth Art

Evil Grows

Heart of Sorrows

Here are 2 of my Goth-tastic art pieces. They are very simple, yet convey a serious message. The first one, Evil Grows, is based around words from a Poppy Family song, Evil Grows.
"Evil grows in the dark, where the sun it never shines; Evil grows in cracks and holes, and lives in people's minds." Creepy, eh?

Heart of Sorrows has this quote:
"The darkness that surrounds us cannot hurt us. It is the darkness in your heart you should fear."
Whoa, DEEP and creepy.
I apologise for not having the author's name for that quote.
Both are collage pieces. The first one is embellished with a 3 dimensional bat trim. Very cute. And the black and different shades of turquoise and green makes them a little foreboding.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Art Overload

I have been busy with a family reunion and trying to get pictures of my art ready for a web site I am hoping to launch very soon. I didn't realize how much art I have done until we took pictures of it all. Holy cow, that's a lot of stuff! 60+ pieces of art. I can't put it all up on my site because it would just be overload. Some stuff is still in the process of framing.
I have also promised myself I will do more Goth-themed art in the next couple of months because I have done a ton of Victorian and Whimsy stuff. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's just that I need to be true to my Goth style.

Pretty Dead things... my little dead babies. I like to bring them out for Halloween but I thought I'd show them now to go with the Goth theme.

This piece is called Nocturne. I need to get it framed. Part of the Goth collection.
Special thanks to my friend Rebecca at for taking all the pictures that are going to go up to the new web site. I will put a post about it when it's ready.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Wedding Gift

Our friends Troy and Donna got married Friday June 13th. To commemorate the occasion, I decided to do a gift for them (even though they requested no gifts) and create this love portrait. The adornment at the top reads: "God bless our years together with so much love and happiness". I used 2 kinds of scrap booking paper and some ribbons, a button and some stick on adornments. Then I framed it with a solid black frame. Hopefully, they liked it. I had fun making it. I hope they have a place to hang it up.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I had said a couple of weeks ago that I would unveil my Portals project. There has been a lot going on, and I finally got around to taking some pics of it. The base is a keyhole chipboard that I got on sale at Treasured Memories for about $3.00 and some change. I thought because it resembled a keyhole, it was a way to unlock something. So I thought of Portals because they are everywhere and it would be cool to come up with the different ones that people are aware of.
Heaven, Hell, Spiritual, Door, Entryway, Explorer, Energy, Mystic, Window, Mind, Time, Infinity. On the back of the front Portal page, I have a definition of portals. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of that page. Oops.
I decorated the metal clip that is binding it together with ribbon, yarns and beads.