Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Cheer is Here and Here!

My collection of beautiful antique Christmas ball decorations.

I know it is the day after Christmas, but I have been so busy and not been on the computer for quite awhile. For Christmas I decorated 2 wooden birdhouse to look like frosty Christmas houses. If you look up Cody Foster houses you will see they are very vintage looking and that is what I was going for.

There is a store in Edmonton that is now selling my artwork. Yay!!!! I have some Christmas pieces hanging there and in January/February I will be having hopefully my Paris Series pieces, tambourines, and some other themed works. The store is called The Wish List and is on the trendy Whyte Avenue shopping area.

This isn't a very good photo, but this is a Christmas piece I did 3 years ago and I love it so much I am keeping it. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's in beautiful soft antique colors like pale green, ivory, mauve, and soft pink. The image is from a postcard. I have torn pieces of music from an antique piano play booklet.

This is my Christmas village that I have been purchasing pieces for it over the years. There are a couple of Dept. 56 houses and another incredibly detailed one from Germany. I know these things I have shown you aren't very "Goth" looking, but I do love Christmas and these are the things I like to decorate with.
Have a wonderful rest of 2008 and to hoping that 2009
will be a happy and prosperous year for everyone.

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