Monday, May 30, 2016

Funereal Victorian Goth Memento Mori

I acquired an object that apparently used to be a clock but it had either broken or was removed from the base and thrown into the thrift bin, because I bought it for a couple of dollars. It was very gothic looking and I needed to think about what I was going to put into it to make it an art piece. 

I obtained a bunch of Prima Relics and Artifacts by Sandra Evertson and decided to use the skull out of one of packages and a digital art piece from Mischief Circus (Etsy) of a "Victorian widow-like" woman. I touched up parts of the clock base with black acrylic then decoupaged the circular background behind the skull and the widow on the base. 

I stained the skull with inks and an acrylic wash and placed black rhinestones in  it's eyes. I also had black half-pearls that I positioned around the circular area as a finished border. 

I also decoupaged a piece of wrapping tissue that had the Latin word "Caritas" on it in the inside of the circular space.

I am very happy with my creation - which I have yet to name, and don't know if I will keep it for myself to put in my hearse for car shows, or sell!! It's perfect for Halloween or for that person who loves Gothic adornments.