Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas In The City Artisan Show

These are pictures from the "Christmas In The City" show in Edmonton, Alberta. There were approximately 10 artisans who submitted their art. The show took place in November and parts of December 2009. I was one of the artisans and my Victorian mixed-media art pieces are framed on the walls.

Black and White Creation

I submitted a black and white piece of art to Somerset Magazine to see if they would put me on their Black and White pages which were supposed to come out sometime in the fall of 2009. I sent it to them for November 2008 deadline as I remember. Then I found out they were cancelling the article. I became quite upset and went through a series of e-mails with them and then was told it was coming out in the Winter 2010 Somerset Gallery magazine.

Of course I thought that meant that it wasn't coming out until November of 2010. They sent me a copy of the magazine and discovered it meant this winter in 2009.

I found my piece in the magazine and was disappointed to find they only displayed a small section of it and also it had been slightly damaged. So all the work and waiting I went through was a letdown even though I did manage to get something into the magazine. Therefore I am publishing the original pictures I took of the art before I sent it off to the magazine because the article just doesn't do it justice. So here it is...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jewelry Pendant Samples

These are some images I have created for my pendant jewelry.

I am working on some Creepy Halloween Babies for Halloween. They are going to be for sale. Hopefully I will have pictures of some of them by the middle of September. We have been very busy all summer with our hearse Bella Morte, entering her into parades and car shows. Also helping to advertise dEdmonton, Canada's Halloween Festival.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Edmonton's Handmade Mafia

Hi y'all! I am going to have my art at the Handmade Mafia show on Saturday July 4, 2009. It is from 10 am to 4 pm. It is always held on the first Saturday of every month. Check out the poster above.
It's great to see a high calibre of local Edmonton artists with their own handmade art gathered together. Please come out and see us.
My art is also still for sale at The Wish List on Whyte Avenue (82nd) and 105 street.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Art is in a 2nd Store!!!!

My art has found it's way into another Edmonton store! I am so excited and grateful to the store owner. The store is called Alter Ego and they sell custom designed t-shirts, Goth ware, jewelry, buttons, belt buckles, and a plethora of other interesting items. I have my Cemetery photography hanging in there, along with some very goth pieces of art.

I will be uploading a couple of my artwork pieces that are in the store in the following days.

Alter Ego is in the Bonnie Doon Mall and the phone number is
(780) 450-6165, e-mail address is

Also remember I have art at The Wish List on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton too!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lovely, Ungoth-like Art Pieces

Pretty, valentine, lovely, ungoth-like art pieces. I do have a soft side and I do like the romance and whimsy art themes. So I created these pieces and now they are hanging for sale in a store in Edmonton called The Wish List. It's on 10464 Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, (780) 436-8277.
I have other themed pieces in the shop also. There are some Paris ones, and Victorian children, Moroccan Dancer, Angels, and a Fairy!
Please check them out, and, look at all the other fantastic stuff Gayle has in her store!

"He Waits For Love"

"Beautiful Child"

"Come And Be My Love"