Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lovely, Ungoth-like Art Pieces

Pretty, valentine, lovely, ungoth-like art pieces. I do have a soft side and I do like the romance and whimsy art themes. So I created these pieces and now they are hanging for sale in a store in Edmonton called The Wish List. It's on 10464 Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, (780) 436-8277.
I have other themed pieces in the shop also. There are some Paris ones, and Victorian children, Moroccan Dancer, Angels, and a Fairy!
Please check them out, and, look at all the other fantastic stuff Gayle has in her store!

"He Waits For Love"

"Beautiful Child"

"Come And Be My Love"


  1. hard core gothic
    Rock on
    dig the art work

  2. Thanks taxitalk, I'm very flattered by your comments.