Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Art is in a 2nd Store!!!!

My art has found it's way into another Edmonton store! I am so excited and grateful to the store owner. The store is called Alter Ego and they sell custom designed t-shirts, Goth ware, jewelry, buttons, belt buckles, and a plethora of other interesting items. I have my Cemetery photography hanging in there, along with some very goth pieces of art.

I will be uploading a couple of my artwork pieces that are in the store in the following days.

Alter Ego is in the Bonnie Doon Mall and the phone number is
(780) 450-6165, e-mail address is

Also remember I have art at The Wish List on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton too!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lovely, Ungoth-like Art Pieces

Pretty, valentine, lovely, ungoth-like art pieces. I do have a soft side and I do like the romance and whimsy art themes. So I created these pieces and now they are hanging for sale in a store in Edmonton called The Wish List. It's on 10464 Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, (780) 436-8277.
I have other themed pieces in the shop also. There are some Paris ones, and Victorian children, Moroccan Dancer, Angels, and a Fairy!
Please check them out, and, look at all the other fantastic stuff Gayle has in her store!

"He Waits For Love"

"Beautiful Child"

"Come And Be My Love"