Monday, December 14, 2009

Black and White Creation

I submitted a black and white piece of art to Somerset Magazine to see if they would put me on their Black and White pages which were supposed to come out sometime in the fall of 2009. I sent it to them for November 2008 deadline as I remember. Then I found out they were cancelling the article. I became quite upset and went through a series of e-mails with them and then was told it was coming out in the Winter 2010 Somerset Gallery magazine.

Of course I thought that meant that it wasn't coming out until November of 2010. They sent me a copy of the magazine and discovered it meant this winter in 2009.

I found my piece in the magazine and was disappointed to find they only displayed a small section of it and also it had been slightly damaged. So all the work and waiting I went through was a letdown even though I did manage to get something into the magazine. Therefore I am publishing the original pictures I took of the art before I sent it off to the magazine because the article just doesn't do it justice. So here it is...

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