Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Altered Tambourines

Gypsy Fortune Dancer

Lady Luck

I love creating these tambourines because you can add hundreds of embellishments to them. The top tambourine is actually metal, the red one is plastic. It's hard finding a metal tambourine that is cheap and can be turned into altered art rather than be used for music. There's lots of plastic ones out there, though.
Any yarn, beads, ribbon, fortune cookie strips, glitter, coins, game pieces, work fantastic with this. I have another one I made that I need to take a pic of. It has an Egyptian theme to it. I found some other plastic tambourines to work with, but they are a little smaller than these ones. They are really easy to glam up and I have some old antique jewelry I bought at an antique fair for a good price that will work with these critters.

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